Peter Davison


Black Beauty (1994)

Parting Shots (1998)




'All Creatures Great and Small'              Season 1                        (1977 - 1978)           

Dog Days

It Takes All Kinds

Calf Love

Out of Practice

Nothing Like Experience

Golden Lads and Girls


Advice & Consent

The Last Furlong

Sleeping Partners

Bulldog Breed

Practice Makes Perfect

Breath of Life

Tristan Farnon

'All Creatures Great and Small'              Season 2                        (1978)           

Cats and Dogs

Attendant Problems

Fair Means and Fowl

The Beauty of the Beast

Judgement Day

Faint Hearts


Tricks of the Trade

Pride of Possession

The Name of the Game

Puppy Love

Ways and Means


Pups, Pigs and Pickle

A Dog's Life

Merry Gentlemen

Tristan Farnon

'All Creatures Great and Small'              Season 3                        (1979 - 1980)           

Cats and Dogs

Charity Begins at Home

Every Dog His Day...

Hair of the Dog

If Wishes Were Horses

Pig in the Middle


Be Prepared

A Dying Breed

Brink of Disaster

Home and Away

Alarms & Excursions


Matters of Life and Death

Will to Live

Big Steps and Little 'Uns

Tristan Farnon

'All Creatures Great and Small'

Christmas Special    (1983)   

Christmas Special            (1985)           

Tristan Farnon

'Miss Marple'

Season 1 (1985)

A Pocketful of Rye

Lance Fortescue

'All Creatures Great and Small'              Season 4                        (1988)           

One of Nature's Little Miracles

Barks and Bites

The Bull with the Bowler Hat

The Pig Man Cometh

Hail Caesar!


Only One Woof

Ace, King, Queen, Jack

The Healing Touch

For Richer, for Poorer

Tristan Farnon

'All Creatures Great and Small'

   Season 5       (1988)    

        Season 6             (1989)   

Against the Odds

Place of Honour

Choose a Bright Morning

The Playing Field

The Call of the Wild

Tristan Farnon

'All Creatures Great and Small'              Season 7                        (1990)           

The Prodigal Returns

Knowin' How to Do It

If Music Be the Food of Love

A Friend for Life

Spring Fever


A Cat in Hull's Chance


Promises to Keep

Brotherly Love

Tristan Farnon

'The Hitch Hikers Guide  to the Galaxy'       (1981)     


   'Doctor Who' Season 18 (1981)



  Season 19 (1982)


Four to Doomsday


The Visitation

Black Orchid











The Doctor

'Tales of the Unexpected'


'The Last Detective'

'Agatha Christie Marple'

'Midsomer Murders'

Season 9  (1988)

Season ?  (1989)

Season ?  (2003) 

Season 3  (2007) 

Season ?  (2009) 

Wink Three Times



At Bertram's Hotel


Jeremy Tyler



Hubert Curtain