Carol Drinkwater


'Tales of the Unexpected'   Death in the Morning   (1982) 

Linda Larch

'All Creatures Great and Small'              Season 1                        (1977 - 1978)           

Horse Sense

It Takes All Kinds

Calf Love

Out of Practice

Nothing Like Experience

Golden Lads and Girls


Advice & Consent

The Last Furlong

Sleeping Partners

Bulldog Breed

Practice Makes Perfect

Breath of Life

Helen Alderson

'All Creatures Great and Small'              Season 2                        (1978)           

Cats and Dogs

Attendant Problems

Fair Means and Fowl

The Beauty of the Beast

Judgement Day

Faint Hearts


Pride of Possession

The Name of the Game

Puppy Love

Ways and Means

A Dog's Life

Merry Gentlemen

Helen Herriot

'All Creatures Great and Small'              Season 3                        (1979 - 1980)           

Plenty to Grouse About

Charity Begins at Home

Every Dog His Day...

Hair of the Dog

If Wishes Were Horses

Pig in the Middle


Be Prepared

A Dying Breed

Brink of Disaster

Home and Away


Matters of Life and Death

Will to Live

Big Steps and Little 'Uns

Helen Herriot

'All Creatures Great and Small'

   Christmas Special    (1983)

   Christmas Special    (1985)

Helen Herriot